Corte por láser de cerámica

Corte por láser de cerámica de materiales ultraduros

At Almath Crucibles, we can offer ceramic laser cutting and engraving of ultra-hard ceramic components and materials using our LC100 Laser Cutter.

What does this mean exactly for you?

Laser cutting

We can accurately cut elaborate shapes and holes in substrates and flat surfaces of ceramics (alumina or zirconia) up to a thickness of 5 mm (design condiderations dependant). It is a fast and cost-effective way to cut ceramics, with an experienced ceramics CAD designers and laser engineers in our team your ideas are feasible.

Laser etching

We can laser etch crucibles, flat plates, tubes, and rods (up to 400 mm in length and 85 mm Ø). We can laser etch sequential numbers, barcodes, and even QR codes onto or into ceramics. Deeper imprints will remain visible even after they have been used at high temperatures, i.e. they don’t burn off.

With this machine, we can offer laser-cut solutions for a variety of non-standard shapes of ceramic materials and components cut with precision accuracy. Intricate technical ceramics designed to a custom specification can be produced for our customers efficiently at scale.

Aproveche la experiencia de nuestros dibujantes y técnicos ceramistas internos en el diseño y la fabricación de cerámica de corte por láser de alta calidad para su proyecto hoy mismo.

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