Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics also known as advanced or high-performance ceramics are material components designed or optimized for use in technical applications.

At Almath we produce ceramic components for a wide range of industrial or research applications for varying clients, we produce a range of ceramic parts including alumina nozzles, washers, spigots, centering pins, cuttings tools, bearings and many more. Clients choose Almath for our dedication to quality and service, regardless of whether we are producing multiple large batches or one-off individual pieces.

For any Technical Ceramic Parts we ask you to provide us with a technical drawing of the part you want made, or communicate your needs with our in house drafts team and we can design the part for you. This is then handed to our production team and they make the component(s).

Alumina Nuts & Bolts

Alumina Nuts & Bolts

Ceramic Alumina Nozzles

Alumina Nozzles

As a base material for our machined ceramics we primarily use aluminium oxide. Alumina, also known as Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3 is a durable ceramic material that is used in a wide variety of industrial applications and to a great degree. The material is very hard and resistant to wearing, it’s resistant to erosion, corrosion and high temperatures. It is the most commonly used material in the manufacture of technical ceramics and we offer it at Almath in a range of purities from 95% to 99.9% depending on the product/part you are ordering (we communicate clearly throughout the process of designing and manufacturing your parts so you always know what you will be purchasing).

We pride ourselves on the quality and precision of our machined alumina ceramics.

For a bespoke solution or to enquire about volume discounts, please get in touch.

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