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Applications within the nuclear industry often have unique requirements which require specialist solutions. Almath manufactures Magnesia (MgO) and Zirconia (ZrO2) crucibles and shapes used by many of our customers working in the nuclear industry as these materials have proven properties which suit these applications. Our MgO crucibles have been developed in-house to allow us to consistently manufacture high-quality products.

Please contact us with details of your requirements to obtain a quotation for standard or custom-made crucibles & shapes for nuclear applications.



Almath’s chemically inert ceramic labware is used everyday in laboratories over the world. Chemical manufacturers and analysts rely on us to provide laboratory equipment for their processes in a range of different materials.

Almath produces laboratory crucibles for this industry in Alumina, Porcelain and Zirconia. We recommend the most effective material for your process based on a number of factors including function, quantity and price.

Our crucibles lead the industry in purity, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, performance and value. For more information please contact us.


Global demand for batteries is increasing due to a worldwide movement towards electrification. Very high levels of growth are expected within this sector as companies continue to develop new technologies to meet these demands.

Almath is already supporting research and development in this sector by supplying customers working on both lithium-ion and solid-state battery technology with alumina, glassy carbon and other resistant materials.

For more information regarding our range of ceramic materials for battery applications please contact us.


Almath supply ceramic products to companies in the energy industry for intensive applications such as mining, renewable energy, oil and gas petrochemicals.

Our high purity ceramic components are trusted for their reliability under extreme conditions. We manufacture both bespoke one-off pieces and large volume orders.

For more information regarding ceramic components for the energy industry please contact us.


At Almath we have engineered bespoke ceramic components for companies in the electronics industry. We have supplied a range of products including tubes, rods and substrates. These components have been used in a variety of functions, such as electron beam deposition, sensors and display technology.

For more information regarding bespoke ceramic components please contact us.

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Metal Assaying

The metal assaying industry relies heavily on the use of high temperature ceramic crucibles for assaying, lab analysis and testing for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The high purity Alumina crucibles we at Almath provide are trusted for their thermal shock resistance properties, allowing them to perform at a high level consistently over time, meaning greater efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

For more information regarding our crucibles and their uses in the assaying industry please contact us.


Almath supplies crucibles to a number of major companies in the biomedical science industry. Clients use our high tolerance crucibles in the production of ceramic implants and as medical device components.We provide our clients with current and accurate MSDS and material specification data for our ultra high purity products as we understand the importance of meeting the high standards of medical market the world over.

For more information regarding our crucibles and their potential uses in the biomedical industry please contact us.

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Major educational and research institutions across the UK and the rest of the world use Almath to supply Crucibles in a range of different materials for use in their laboratories and research projects.

We value greatly the ongoing relationships we have with educators and researchers, for more information regarding our wide range of crucibles and ceramic materials please contact us.

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At Almath we supply numerous ceramic products to the Automotive industry. Advanced ceramics are increasingly used by Automotive vehicle and component manufacturers due to their unique thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.

We have produced advanced ceramics for vehicle manufacturers and racing teams include one-off bespoke items and ceramic honeycomb filters for heat exchange and use in emissions control systems.

For more information please contact us.

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