Here you will find the full list of Ceramic Materials we use to make our different crucibles, tubes and technical ceramic products.

CC30T Cylindrical Alumina Crucibles


96 to 99.9% purity recrystallized Alumina (Al2O3).

CC30TZ Cylindrical Zirconia Crucible


Available as ZTA, Partially and Fully-Stabilised Zirconia (PSZ and FSZ).

MWPC Porcelain Crucible


Classic shape available in Low, Medium and High Form.

Graphite Crucibles


Grade 2020, available as E-beam and cylindrical shaped crucibles.

Quartz Cylinder


Available as opaque quartz cylinders and transparent fused quartz glass tubes.

Boron Nitride Crucibles

Boron Nitride

Inert, non-porous compound exceptionally pure by virtue of its synthesis process.

MgO Magneisum Oxide Crucibles

Magnesium Oxide

Fine grained chemically inert material, stable up to 2200°C.

Vitreous Carbon Cylinder

Vitreous Carbon

Glassy carbon chemically resistant, available in Grade A, stable up to 2500°C.

If the material you require isn’t listed please use the button at the bottom of the page to contact us for a bespoke solution. There is a wide variation of ceramic materials available and further variation within the different materials (for example porous and non-porous alumina). Each of the ceramic materials have different properties with regard to porosity, thermal conductivity, max temperatures, thermal shock resistances and more, they also have different associated costs, so where porcelain is an effective low budget ceramic material that is often purchased in bulk, vitreous carbon is an expensive material that is often used for custom designs or smaller batch production.

Our main materials are Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) and Zirconia (Zirconium Dioxide), you will find the bulk of our products are made from these materials as they are dense, durable, high purity ceramics with good resistance to thermal shock, can be used at extreme temperatures up to 1800°c and 2200°c respectively.

Please consult our full list of ceramic products to find the shape you require for your processes, or contact us for a quote on a custom design.

For a bespoke solution or to enquire about volume discounts, please get in touch.

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