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MgO Cylindrical Magnesia Crucible

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Almath made Magnesium Oxide Crucibles (Magnesia) are cast and fully vitrified and available in various standard sizes, shapes, and wall thicknesses for a range of high temperature applications. MgO benefits from having a higher maximum working temperature (2200 °C for MgO vs 1750 °C for alumina) and increased corrosion resistance over Alumina.

The grain size of this material is 10-50µm (microns).

Almath can produce these MgO crucibles in most of our standard stock sizes, we can also produce MgO to custom specifications.

Please contact us for information on material specifications, lead time and prices.


Due to the higher affinity of magnesium (Mg) for oxygen (O) compared to aluminium (Al), MgO exhibits superior chemical resistance comparing to alumina, making it inert towards metals, slags, and superconducting compounds. MgO crucibles find widespread use as containers in various applications, including high-temperature molten salt electrolysis, metal smelting, and slag containment and processing.

In addition to its applications in the metallurgical and chemical industries, MgO is gaining popularity in the nuclear industry. Both Mg and O have very low neutron cross-sections, making MgO an excellent choice due to its extraordinarily low neutron absorption. Furthermore, its reasonable neutron moderation capabilities and high-temperature performance make MgO a good candidate for use in nuclear applications.

MgO is prized as a refractory material, i.e., a solid that is physically and chemically stable at high temperatures. It has two useful attributes: acceptable thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity.” By far the largest consumer of magnesia worldwide is the refractory industry, which consumed about 56 % of the magnesia in the United States in 2004, the remaining 44 % being used in agricultural, chemical, construction, environmental, and other industrial applications.” MgO is used as a basic refractory material for crucibles.

Please contact us for more information on material specifications, lead time and prices.

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