Automated CNC Surface Grinding

Jones and Shipman 524 Easy Surface Grinder (Automated CNC controlled for accurate and repeatable results)

Due to the nature of sintered alumina which likes to warp and bend during the sintering process, Almath have invested in a CNC surface grinder, which with the addition of a resin bonded diamond wheel and a magnetic mounting system produces flat ground products to an exact size and flatness in an efficient way. Being CNC controlled It runs without supervision until it reaches the required thickness. This helps reduce costs for the customer as a “machine minder” is not necessary. 

Almath do offer many different standard thickness ceramic substrates but sometimes a non-standard thickness is required and this is when the Jones and Shipman surface grinder is really needed. The surface grinder is also useful for ensuring “custom made” products are surface ground 100 % flat and to the customers required dimensions.

Typical Data

Accuracy +/-10 microns finished (better is possible on some items, please ask).

Capacity-      500mm x 200mm


Max grinding Length & Width 500 mm x 200mm, Distance between table and grinding wheel 380mm,

Grinding wheel currently fitted

D1A1 – Resin Bond Diamond wheel

D250 T32 X6 H76.20 

Machinable materials

  • Alumina
  • Zirconia
  • ZTA
  • MgO
  • Macor®
  • Quartz

Please contact us if you have a surface grinding requirement of ultra hard ceramics.

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