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Proud Winners of the Kings Award 2024.

One of only 59 companies to receive an innovation award, celebrating British organisations exhibiting substantial innovation and commercial success.

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We Ship Worldwide

We use Express carriers to ship stocked crucibles and ceramic/refractory products around the globe.

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Precision Wire Cutting

Accurate to 3 microns, repeat cutting of tubes and plates, cut perfectly square and parallel, no post machining required after wire cutting.

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Lab Testing

In-house testing and inspection by an experienced “six sigma” professional.

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Tubes, plates, and components can be machined on our CNC, we also offer in house surface grinding of alumina plates.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting up to 5 mm thick plate, 2 mm -3 mm is the normal maximum thickness.

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Almath Crucibles

In-house ceramics designed by experienced and knowledgable professionals


We use multiple carriers to ship our alumina crucibles across the world. Next day delivery to UK on stock range.


Our in house drafts team can design and machine custom made alumina crucibles and ceramic parts.


We offer engraving on a wide range of products so you can name or number batches for your process.


We ensure secure payments by using trusted payment providers such as PayPal and Worldpay.

Globally recognised producers and suppliers of alumina crucibles and refractory products. Almath products are used by a wide range of industries in laboratories across the world.

CC30T Cylindrical Alumina Crucibles


Crucibles and tubes made in recrystallized Alumina. High purity 99.9% on standard stock range.

CC30AZ Cylindrical Zirconia Crucible


Crucibles made from Yttria Stabilised Zirconia. Max operating temperature of 2200°C.

Graphite Cylinder


Graphite cylindrical and ebeam crucibles. Total order value for Graphite must exceed £100.

MWPC Porcelain Crucible


Porcelain crucibles with a high, medium or low wall. Max operating temperature 1200°C. 50% off entire range.

Our products are used in a range of industries by some of the biggest companies across the globe.


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