Radiation Shields (Baffles)

Well-made tube furnace end baffles (or radiation shields) will save you money, they keep the heat where it needs to be, safely in the hot zone. The examples shown have been made for other clients, we customise your baffles to your exact needs at sensible costs, and in a timely manner.

The baffles can be made from 99.7% or 96% dense alumina depending on your application and budget, or we can produce laser cut baffles from 40 mm or 50 mm thick high temperature fibre board (the choice of materials is up to you). The centre carrier rod can either be solid or hollow to allow the insertion of gases or thermal couples into the hot zone. With our fully equipped factory, we can make what you need.

thumbnail of Small Baffle (Hex) (1)

thumbnail of Alumina Fiber Board Baffle (1)

thumbnail of Small Baffle (1)

thumbnail of Heat Shield Baffle (For website) (1)

thumbnail of Heat Shield (Baffle) (1)

thumbnail of Heat Shield (Baffle Rev 2) (1)

thumbnail of Baffle (1)

thumbnail of Baffle Vents (1)

thumbnail of Baffle Vents MK2 OD46 and 42 (1)

thumbnail of Baffle Assembly (1)

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