Partially Stabilised Zirconia with MgO (3.25%)

The introduction of cold isostatically pressed high purity fine grained zirconia stabilized with MgO (MgO-PSZ) crucibles by Almath Is a significant advancement in high-performance materials for demanding industrial and scientific applications. These crucibles, produced from MgO-PSZ ceramic, bring together a unique set of properties that cater for rigorous applications requiring exceptional durability, thermal stability, and resistance characteristics.

MgO-PSZ ceramics are distinguished by their fine-grained microstructure, which plays a pivotal role in their superior mechanical and thermal properties. This structure is achieved through a manufacturing process that results in a material known for its strength, toughness, and exceptional resistance to thermal shock. Stabilized with 3.25 % magnesium oxide undergoes a transformation toughening mechanism, allowing it to absorb and dissipate energy from mechanical stresses or rapid temperature changes, significantly enhancing its durability and performance under harsh conditions.

Almath produces its own tooling and press bags in house and can offer custom sizes if required. With control over the tooling, the materials and the pressing we can produce what you want in a timely manner.  

Material Properties

Please note that the information set forth herein is offered for comparison only, and is not to be construed as absolute engineering data or constituting a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.

ItemUnitTechnical ParametersTechnical Parameters
Hardness (HV 0.5)kg/mm213001100
Fracture ToughnessMPam1/276-7
Flexural Strength (@ R.T.)MPa900500
Compressive Strength (@ R.T.)MPa22002000
Thermal Conductivity (@ R.T.)W/m K2-32-3
Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
Thermal Shock ResistancedeltaT (℃)280-350450
Max. Working Temperature (in air)2250450
  • DATA MEASUREMENTS – All data measurements are typical and made at room temperature unless otherwise noted.
  • THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANCE – Tests are run by quenching samples into water from various elevated temperatures. The change in temperature where a sharp decrease in flexural strength is observed is listed as ‘delta Tc’.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE – Although all alumina and zirconia ceramics are highly resistant to chemical attack, it is recommended that specific applications are discussed with Almath Crucibles to ensure optimum ceramic selection.

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