Szlifowanie bezkłowe

Szlifowanie bezkłowe dla ultra twardych materiałów ceramicznych

At Almath Crucibles, we offer centre less grinding for ultra-hard ceramic components and materials using our Cincinnati om2 grinder.

What does this mean for you ?

If you require a ceramic tube or rod of an exact diameter Ø, we can machine the entire length or just a section of the length down to a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm (and possibly better). Being able to carry out this work “in house” reduces costs and speeds up delivery.

Having this technology on-site enables us to quickly and accurately remove small amounts of material from the outside diameter of ceramic products to produce ceramic components to a custom specification for our customers. Take advantage of the expertise of our in-house drafts and ceramic technicians to collaborate in the design & manufacture of high-quality machine ground parts for your project today.

You can see our centreless grinder in action in the video.

Porozmawiaj z naszym zespołem ekspertów o tym, jak nasza usługa szlifowania bezkłowego może być wykorzystana w Twoim projekcie.