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Alumina Saggars List - Almath Crucibles Ltd.

Almath is a Newmarket, Suffolk based leading British manufacturer and global exporter of Alumina crucibles and technical ceramic refractory products. We specialize in high purity alumina and zirconia crucibles and hold a wide range of items in stock for speedy delivery. We also offer a range of other ceramic materials, we can design bespoke products with our in house drafts team, we offer precision machined technical ceramics parts to extremely tight tolerances alongside the more everyday use furnace ware.

Our high purity alumina (Al2O3 content > 99%) ceramics are purpose built to perform across a wide range of high temperature applications. We use recrystallized alumina in the production of our crucibles as the material offers impressive thermal shock resistance, this is due to the larger grain size (up to 200mm is advantageous).

Our high purity alumina shows considerable resistance to chemical attack due to the lack of glassy phases that tend to determine corrosion resistance. Our crucibles and refractory products are available individually or in discounted pack sizes of 5 or 10. Volume discounts are available for larger orders.

Our Alumina Saggars are used for a range of scientific applications. Our main materials are Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) and Zirconia (Zirconium Dioxide), you will find the bulk of our products are made from these materials as they are dense, durable, high purity ceramics with good resistance to thermal shock, can be used at extreme temperatures up to 1800°c and 2200°c respectively.

Please consult our full list of ceramic products to find the shape you require for your processes, or contact us for a quote on a custom design.

For a bespoke solution or to enquire about volume discounts, please get in touch.

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