Nitruro di boro

BN Crucibles

Our standard boron nitride (BN) crucibles are high purity ( >99%), crafted through hot pressing. These crucibles exhibit outstanding resistance to thermal shock, superior electrical resistivity, and resistance against corrosion from acids and alkalis.

High-purity BN ceramic crucibles are used extensively in high-temperature applications that require exceptional thermal stability, chemical inertness, and purity.

This standard BN crucible is ideal for sintering and smelting:

  • Nonferrous and ferrous metals such as aluminium, bismuth, germanium, antimony, tin, cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, stainless steel
  • Glass melting including soda glass and cryolite
  • Molten salt, fluoride, slag


  • Ensure the operating temperature in the air does not exceed 1000°C. Exceeding this temperature may cause oxidation and peeling of the boron nitride surface in contact with oxygen.
  • Boron nitride readily absorbs moisture. Store the crucible away from humid areas and avoid washing it. Cleaning can be done by directly wiping with sandpaper or using alcohol.
  • Avoid using with substances such as antimony trioxide, chromium oxide, molybdenum trioxide, arsenic trioxide, titanium carbide, high-lead glass glaze (if necessary, use under Ar or N2 as a protective gas), boron phosphate, potassium phosphate, hot and concentrated alkali, molten alkali, and chlorine.


Purity (%) >99%
Density (g/cm(3)) 1.95-2.0
Volume resistivity (Ω・cm) >10(14)
Maximum operating temperature(°C) – Air 900
Maximum operating temperature(°C) – Inert gas (Ar, N2) 2100
Maximum operating temperature(°C) – Vacuum 2000
Flexural Strength (MPa) 30
Compressive Strength(MPa) 55
Coefficient of thermal expansion, 10-6/K, room temperature to 1000 °C 1.5
Thermal conductivity (W/m・K)at 25 °C 35

Please note that we can also supply Pyrolytic Boron Nitride crucibles – refer to our Pyrolytic Boron Nitride page.

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